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Caring for your family and loved one

We understand that losing a loved one is an emotional and stressful experience. You can count on us to help you through this difficult time with our compassionate funeral services. Whether you want your loved one to be buried or cremated, we can offer our guidance and support to help you choose the right funeral plan. Trust us to provide you with a dignified and personal service. We deal with local vendors to arrange monumental masonry, headstones, floral tributes and caskets when someone passes. We also have a chapel of rest, fleet of funeral cars and horse-drawn carriages.
Funeral packages

What to do when someone passes

When someone passes away in hospital
Doctors that have attended the deceased will need to complete their paperwork in order to release them into our care. They will also issue the medical certificate needed to register the death at your local registry office. The Bereavement Office will ideally need to know if the funeral for your loved one will be cremation or burial as the paperwork is slightly different. 

Death at home or in a nursing home
If passing occurs at home, someone will need to verify death in all cases. The usual practice is to call the usual GP surgery responsible for your loved one's care. If it is out of hours, there will be a number to call on the surgery answerphone. Paramedics can also verify death. If your loved one has died in a nursing home, generally the staff will contact the doctor to come and confirm the cause of death. Once the passing has been verified, you can contact us to come to take your loved one into our care any day, any time.

Sudden death
If your loved one hasn’t seen a GP within 14 days, it is standard practice for the passing to be passed to the Coroner. This just means that an officer will look over the paperwork relating to your loved one in order to establish the best way of determining cause of death.

Registering a death
When someone passes away, the death needs to be registered within the area in which they passed by their next of kin, executor or someone who was present at the time of death who knew the deceased.

Any questions no matter how small, just call us and we will walk you through it, it's what we are here for.
Bereavement counselling

Bereavement counselling and support

Grief is a natural process, but for those who need extra support, we offer a free and confidential one-hour support session for customers who have bought our Butler, Miller or Sherwood package. This is suitable for adults as a complimentary part of the service and can be carried out by telephone, email or face-to-face.
Bereavement support is provided by a trained bereavement advisor who understands that when someone close to you dies, the shock and grief can feel overwhelming. The complimentary session can give you time and space to talk about your feelings, family, including the person who has died, or fears for the future.

If you would like additional time with our bereavement advisor, we can help to arrange this for you.
Floral tribute

Funeral services we provide:

  • Prepaid funeral plans
  • Supplying all the necessary vehicles
  • Memorial tributes
  • Floral tributes
  • All the necessary arrangements for burial or cremation
  • Liaising with your local church and minister about the funeral arrangements
  • Repatriation
Whether you need to organise a simple funeral or require a full religious service, we understand your needs and will help you arrange an appropriate funeral. If you have any queries or need assistance, our highly experienced funeral directors are only a call away. Make use of our services in Tamworth and the surrounding areas.
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